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Chiropractic Therapy in Denver Tech Center

Chiropractic Therapy
Your spinal column facilitates movement and protects your central nervous system, which controls all parts of your body. Though some areas of your body, like internal organs, seem unrelated to spinal health, they too are affected by spinal issues.
When one or more of the twenty-four vertebrae are out of alignment, the condition is known as a subluxation. Subluxations are often the cause of poor health and persistent pain, even in the absence of back pain.
The chiropractic services at Performance Sports Therapy provides the precise adjustments needed to correct subluxations. These adjustments help your body heal without drugs or surgery. As you recover, normal nerve transmission will return and your body will mend naturally.

Myofascial Release
This technique is a soft tissue mobilization technique that is utilized to restore normal motion to the muscle, tendon and ligaments of the affected, symptomatic region. What sets Performance Sports Therapy apart from some other clinics you may have experienced is the belief that both joints and soft tissue often need to be addressed concurrently in order to achieve maximum effectiveness within a treatment session. This belief is based on simple anatomical principles of the human body. Muscle and tendon are the primary movers of the joints of the body while ligament acts as a support structure around a joint in order to help provide stability. Any compromise to the soft tissue will inevitably affect proper joint function so it is often necessary to address both the joint dysfunction and soft tissue in order for treatment to be effective and longer lasting.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Soft tissue therapy is among the many useful treatments offered at Performance Sports Therapy. It refers to the assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries and pain. These soft tissues include joints, ligaments, connective tissues, tendons and muscles. Treatments can relieve muscle pain, deactivate pain trigger points, improve flexibility, break down scar tissue, promote relaxation and more.
Skilled practitioners can help maintain your body, prevent injury and reduce the likelihood or the severity of adverse muscular patterning through soft tissue therapy.
Your body is seventy-percent soft tissue, and daily activities such as exercise, work stress and general injury create soft-tissue problems. This daily wear can lead to pain, limited range of movement and slow recovery as you age, and soft tissue therapy aims to reverse the damage.

Functional Dry Needling
Performance Sports Therapy Offers functional dry needling to help our patients recover from injury and reduce chronic pain. Our dry needling treatments use thin needles to access trigger points in the muscles to facilitate patient recovery from within.
The needles used in dry needling do not inject any solution, and they are so thin that most patients will not feel them penetrate the skin. Some patients do feel mild to moderate discomfort as the needle enters the muscle tissue, but most consider it minimal compared to the reward of releasing trigger points and thereby relieving pain.
Results typically appear in just two to four sessions, depending on the injury and pain being treated.

We often employ Kinesio taping to help our patients. Kinesio taping is a therapeutic treatment that was designed to help patients treat injuries and pain between chiropractic treatments. Kinesio tape is made from breathable, latex-free elastic fibers that stretch in only one direction, which allows it to be applied to treat almost any physical ailment without severely restricting range of motion. When applied by skillful practitioners, Kinesio taping can help support and rehabilitate injuries by lifting the skin, facilitating lymphatic drainage and relieving pain.
The Kinesio taping method dates back to Japan in 1979, and it came to America in 1995. It has since successfully aided the treatment of thousands of patients, and it can likely do the same for you.

Exercise & Rehab
Exercise rehabilitation programs help patients restore strength, power, endurance and flexibility after an injury. The programs use a series of personalized exercises to regain pre-injury abilities in every way possible. Complete rehabilitation programs, such as those designed by Performance Sports Therapy for our patients, are often vital for recovery and for future injury prevention. Similar rehabilitation principles, such as starting as soon as possible following an injury and prioritizing future injury prevention, apply to all forms of physical injury. It is important, however, to receive a comprehensive consultation before beginning an exercise rehabilitation program, as every injury and body responds differently to care.

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